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Welcome To Marketer's Mega Site!

Marketer's everywhere need tools and resources to help them stand out from the crowd. We had that in mind when we decided to put together what we like to call a one-stop-shop for everything marketing related. What you will find here are a variety of resources which we have used ourselves for over 20 years and some really cool new ones to help with everything from designing a website to increasing the popularity of one that already exists.

To be successful you need your website to look it's best and you need to be able to promote it as well. You can do both with what you will find at Marketer's Mega Site with such goodies as cut and paste java scripts and HTML extras. You'll also find tools and generators, codes and scripts, layouts and graphics and more. Need to optimize an image? We have a tool for that. Maybe you need to create a favicon? We have a tool for that too. Just about anything you might need, you will find here and you'll want to return often whenever you might need something you just can't find anywhere else.

In addition to all of the free resources, we also offer many premium submitters. Many of these submitters offer both a monthly subscription option and a lifetime payment option to appeal to everyone. The leads we load into them are updated every couple of days in order to keep them fresh and responsive, unlike the leads loaded into the free databases which are updated quarterly. Click on one of the ads on the left or right to learn more. The links all open in new tabs so you never lose the page you're currently on.

Finally, we offer quality text ad placement, lifetime exit ad placement and banner rotation with prices every marketer can appreciate and afford.

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